We're constantly amazed by the incredible work generated by artists, teachers and students using our products.

We’ve collected some of our favorite examples here for you to enjoy. Click on the link, peruse the gallery and make sure to visit the artist’s social pages to see more of their incredible work. This is why we always strive to be the Catalyst of Creativity!

Art Teacher of The Month

March '22

We believe creativity and the arts are central to a well-rounded education for children, and Art Teachers are the ones who spark inspiration in them every day. That’s why we celebrate all Art Teachers and each month name one the Prang Tru-Ray Art Teacher of the Month. Click the link below to visit our Instagram page to nominate a special Art Teacher in your life.

Jessica Rivera

Jessica Rivera
at Un Mundo Primary

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What will you do with your 45,000 words?

Did you know that a single Ticonderoga pencil can write up to 45,000 words?  The Pencil is a source of unlimited creative potential.