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With a rich history and legendary quality, the iconic Ticonderoga® is the world's most recognized and trusted pencil. The Ticonderoga® brand also includes erasers, markers, sharpeners and additional products designed to enhance the writing experience.

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Georgina Kreutzer

Art by Georgina Kreutzer

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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
--Maya Angelou

We draw our inspiration from the incredibly creative artists, students and teachers who create with our products and generously share their work with us. Enjoy the fruits of their labor…hopefully it will inspire you the way it does us.

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Art Teacher of The Month

March '22

We believe creativity and the arts are central to a well-rounded education for children, and Art Teachers are the ones who spark inspiration in them every day. That’s why we celebrate all Art Teachers and each month name one the Prang Tru-Ray Art Teacher of the Month. Click the link below to visit our Instagram page to nominate a special Art Teacher in your life.

Jessica Rivera

Jessica Rivera
at Un Mundo Primary

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