Dixon Ticonderoga Company Donates 2 Million Pencils to Kids In Need Foundation

Post for Pencils campaign successful in earning donation in time for back to school

July 1, 2023

Appleton, Wisconsin – Dixon Ticonderoga Company will donate two million pencils to Kids In Need Foundation, an American national 501 charity that believes every child in America should have equal opportunity and access to a quality education, as a result of the annual Post for Pencils campaign.


The campaign has been executed in partnership with Kids In Need Foundation for the past three years. During the month of June, the Post for Pencils campaign works to educate the public of the need for pencil donations to under-resourced students. Kids In Need Foundation and Ticonderoga partner together to promote the use of the hashtag #postforpencils as a way for people to build awareness of this need. For every use of the hashtag #postforpencils, Ticonderoga will donate one pack of pencils, up to two million total pencils, to Kids In Need Foundation. Celebrities and influencers supported the campaign, raising awareness and contributing to a significant increase in the number of impressions and instances of the hashtag this year.


Dixon Ticonderoga is also the sponsor of the Kids In Need Foundation’s National Network of Resource Centers located across the country. The Network provides teachers the opportunity to ‘shop’ for school supplies at ZERO cost to them. From core school supplies to environment-enhancing decor, members of the Network arm teachers with the tools they need to ensure they can focus on the lessons at hand instead of what learning resources are missing in their classrooms.