Dixon Classroom Recycling Program

In Partnership with TerraCycle®

We’ve teamed up with TerraCycle to make it easy — and free! — to recycle your Dixon, Ticonderoga, Prang and Lyra art supplies and writing instruments. Sign up today to join the Dixon Classroom Recycling Program. Availability Limited.

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We Make Recycling Easy

It’s free and easy to join the Dixon Classroom Recycling Program. Click the link below to get started. Once you have waste ready to send, print a free label and send it our way. It’s that easy! Availability Limited.

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Eligible Products

Items that can be recycled through the program include Prang Art Markers, Ticonderoga Highlighters, Ticonderoga & Dixon Pencils (mechanical and wood), LYRA & Prang Paint Kits, Prang Crayons, Prang Glue Sticks, Prang & Dixon Erasers and Prang & LYRA Colored Pencils. Availability Limited.

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