Earn Free Products with Prang Power

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The Prang Power program allows you to earn points by turning in the UPC codes from any Dixon, Prang and Ticonderoga product. These points can then be banked and redeemed for free products — from stationery and writing instruments to arts and craft supplies.

Step 1

Clip UPC codes from any Dixon, Prang, and Ticonderoga product.

Step 2

Print the form and mail it with your UPC codes to the address listed to start banking points.

Step 3

Redeem points for FREE products!

How does Prang Power Work?

Sign up below to start earning points for every Dixon, Prang, and Ticonderoga product you buy. Once you’ve banked at least [000] points, you’ll be able to start redeeming those points for free school and art supplies.


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